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Welcome to the Pilates Studio. Our beautiful space contributes to the warm environment and amazing community of clients that frequent our classes each week.

Our studio is a space for transforming your body and leaving you with a new awareness of your well-being.

We teach an exercise method that is beneficial for everyone…adolescents, elderly, injured, professional athletes, dancers, under-toned executives or mothers- to- be.

Schedule an hour of Pilates to begin learning the technique and exercises that many in the Ballet world and entertainment industry have used for decades to address their goals regarding physique and well-being.


Pilates for Everyone

Body conditioning inspired by the historic teachings of Joseph Pilates includes mat work and training programs using the equipment such as the Reformer, Trapeze Table and the Combination Chair. Exercise programs are individualized to meet the specific needs of each client with special consideration to his or her age, fitness level and health condition. Each client is supervised and taught to work intelligently while applying principals of proper body mechanics to every movement. These resistance-based exercises challenge the mind and body simultaneously, leaving one feeling flexible, strong and invigorated.

Other Benefits of Regular Pilates workouts also include:

    • • Teach you mind body coordination, helping you move with more ease and grace.
    • • Create toned muscles and a leaner body- your muscles will look long and lean like those of a dancer
    • • Improve your coordination, posture, balance and alignment.
    • • Increase your physical and mental endurance, which helps you better manage stress.
    • • Decrease, fatigue, discomfort and pain.
    • • Recover from injury or illness safely and in good time.
    • • Relieve back and neck pain.

We Offer a Variety of Services But Not Limited to:

Pilates is ideal for young people who are committed to discovering their optimum awareness and control of their bodies. With regularly scheduled sessions they leave with more  strength, flexibility, better posture, all contributing to their confidence and well being.  They can discover the mind / body connection that contributes to learning in other areas of their lives.

Pilates is an ideal cross-conditioning for dancers. We offer a type of training for dancers looking to improve their strength, flexibility, balance, and control while learning to move with more grace and ease. Our instructors bring their extensive dance background and the Pilates technique together to assist the dancer in discovering a new awareness of their body, an increased range of motion, back core and coordination to further enhance their dance technique.

Schedule a session at our studio or call us to plan a workshop at your ballet or dance studio.

Pilates for Pregnancy is offered at the Pilates Studio and is designed to offer women a form of exercise that is safe before, during and after pregnancy.

During pregnancy the woman’s body goes through significant changes.  The pregnant body is flooded with a variety of hormones that drastically change the way the body functions, ultimately affecting the way a woman feels.  With the growth of the fetus comes major shifts in the body: the organs are pushed up and compacted, the abdominal wall separates, and the woman’s center of gravity is thrown off causing strain in the lower back.  The latter are only a few of the many changes the pregnant body undergoes.  The Pilates Pregnancy Method will focus on strengthening core muscles that the pregnant body needs to endure these changes with as much ease as possible, and then to help the post-natal body strengthen and repair the abdominal wall and pelvic muscles that have been stretched and strained.

The Pilates Pregnancy Method’s objective is to help women achieve a strong, healthy mind and body before and during her pregnancy, and to assist in a quick recovery after birth.

Learn a great Reformer Program designed especially for osteopenia or osteoporosis. Safe and challenging exercises target the bones of the spine, hips and wrists.

We incorporate safe Pilates exercises into your bone building program. Many Pilates exercises can be unsafe and contraindicated for those with low bone density. By modifying the wonderful exercises of Joseph Pilates, you will learn the best exercises to build the bones of the most vulnerable areas of the hip and spinal vertebrae.

You will learn how to improve your posture and balance and increase flexibility and mobility.

Pilates balances the body and strengthens your weaknesses so that your body can heal faster, strengthen and realign itself therefore avoiding further imbalance and undo stress on your joints.

Pilates exercise focuses on postural symmetry, abdominal and spine stabilization, mind/body control, and strengthening through the complete range of motion of all joints. Instead of isolating muscle groups, the whole body is trained, integrating the upper and lower extremities with the trunk. The result is strong, long, and lean muscles with equal strength ratios.

Our studio also offers a Certification Program.

All of our instructors have been trained in this method based on the original teachings of Joseph Pilates.

We offer the certification program through DK Body Balancing and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Please contact us for more information.

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We are open Monday – Sunday.

Monday-Friday: 7:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8:00am–2:00pm

Classes are available by appointment only.

* Mat classes available upon request for small groups.

Private Class
Ann: $100 / Olivia: $90 / Staff: $80

Five Session Class Card
Ann: $450 / Olivia: $425 / Staff: $370

Ten Session Class Card
Ann: $825 / Olivia: $800 / Staff: $720

Doubles (per client)
Ann: $55 / Olivia: $50 / Staff: $45

Ten Session Class Card
Ann: $500 / Olivia: $450 / Staff: $400

Twenty Session Class Card
Ann: $900 / Olivia: $800 / Staff: $720


Groups (per client)
Ann: $45 / Olivia: $42 / Staff: $40

Ten Session Class Card
Ann: $400 / Olivia: $380 / Staff: $350

Twenty Session Class Card
Ann: $700 / Olivia: $675 / Staff: $600


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