Mira Cook

Mira Cook is a fully certified  Balanced Body Pilates instructor and a professional dancer who has performed with Battery Dance (NYC), Liss Fain Dance (SF), City Ballet of San Diego and Ballet Austin over the last 25 years.  She has taught movement workshops in 32 countries, often to underprivileged populations.

Mira started her Pilates practice with Ann Arnoult in 1998 and noticed right away that Pilates allowed her to feel the muscles she needed to support and enhance her movement, which she had previously not been able to engage.  Pilates has always left her feeling longer, stronger, more confident and less prone to injuries.

As a Pilates instructor, Mira is particularly engaged in teaching breathing, enhancing awareness of the body, and cultivating relaxation while building strength and flexibility. She enjoys imparting tools to help improve movement patterns, fortify and energize our bodies.